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Spirit of Sport athletes chosen

Madera High Coyotes

Fall Sports

Matthew Ylarregui

Grade: 11

GPA: 4.31

Sports: Football, three years; baseball, three years.

Football coach Yosef Fares’ comment: “Matt is one of the highest character young man I have has the pleasure of coaching in my 15 years as a coach. He is always respectful to his teammates and coaches. He has a strong work ethic and never misses. He is a very reliable young man that we can always count on” Jessica Diaz

Grade: 12

GPA: 3.61

Sports: Water polo, four years; swimming, four years; basketball, two years; soccer, 1 year.

Future Plans: Becoming a U.S. Marine

Swimming and water polo coach Erik Baymiller’s comment: “Jessica Diaz is an amazing young lady and athlete. She is all about supporting her teammates, coaching staff and anyone who seems like they need it. I have witnessed, on multiple occasions, Jessica get up from her group of friends and go sit by someone who was alone, talk to them and eventually integrate them into the main circle.

She acts without hesitation and always makes the right decision. She is active in all of our fundraisers and is our team leader. She is easily the best aquatic athlete for swiming and water polo (especially water polo). She scores very technical and eye popping goals...and she scores a lot of them.” Winter Sports

Mario Moreno

Grade: 11

GPA: 2.5

Sports: Wrestling, three years, two-time CMAC Champion, two-time CIF State qualifier

Coach Joe Romine’s comments: “Mario is a dedicated and determined wrestler. In three years, he has not missed practice or competition. Although he is successful (two- time CIF State qualifier), it is his lead by example leadership that sets him apart. He is one of our smaller wrestlers (113 pounds) but he’s big on helping others.”

Samantha Valencia

Grade: 12

GPA: 4.52

Sports: Soccer, cross country and swimming

Future Plans: Attend Fresno State after graduation

Soccer coach Cameron Hill’s comments: “Samantha is the definition of a student-athlete. She played three sports her senior year while maintaining a 4.52 GPA. She was also involved in band all four years of high school. Samantha demonstrated all the qualities you would want in a student-athlete. She was always at training and gave her maximum effort at all times. She was a great teammate and competed every time she was on the field. Her work rate and effort was contagious throughout the team.” Spring Sports

Tyler Mallonee

Grade: 12

GPA: 2.74

Sports: Volleyball, four years; football, three years.

Future Plans: Attend Madera Community for two years to get my AA, and then transfer to a vocational college to become an electrician.

Boys volleyball coach Rhonda Jefferson’s comments: “Tyler has been a member of the varsity volleyball team since his sophomore year. He has shown commitment and dedication to improve his overall game. Tyler is hardworking on the court and in the classroom always giving a 100 percent to achieve his goals. Tyler always has a positive attitude and respected by his teammates, coaches, and opponents from other teams. He is the definition of a true Coyote.” Priscilla Torres

Grade: 12

GPA: 2.90

Sports: Volleyball four years; track four years, current school record holder in pole vault

Future Plans: Attend Fresno City College to continue her track career, transfer into the UC system and become an anesthesiologist, while continuing to compete in pole vault with the ultimate of representing our nation in the Olympics.

Track coach Russ Stanford’s comments: “Priscilla is a very coachable young lady who can understand the specifics to her craft. Priscilla is a team-first athlete. She is an athlete with a total idea to commitment, an athlete with extreme compassion, an athlete who will take a lost as a means to improve and correct the weaknesses in her sport. Priscilla is an athlete who expresses sportsmanship to her competitors. An athlete who show no fear no matter the odds. Priscilla does not seek the spotlight, but will always do the best she can and encourage her teammates to do the same.

She understands what the common goal is: play hard, play fair, and to be the best you can be at that moment. She never misses a practice and if late will do the extra time needed. Priscilla is individual who believes in herself, and truly understands the value of hard work, which has allowed her to become the school record holder in the pole vault at Madera High School. She warms the hearts of those around her with a magnetic smile and tremendous enthusiasm daily. Priscilla is an athlete that makes any coach proud to work with.”

Madera South Stallions

Fall Sports

Elizabeth Sorenson

GPA: 4.16

Sports: Tennis, three years, First team All-CMAC 2015 and 2016.

Future plans: Attending Fresno Pacific majoring in Nursing

Girls Tennis coach Jeff Moosios comments: “Elizabeth took the lead on several occasions to round-up the girls and also to welcome a new coach.She helped in whatever way she could to encourage and support the incoming girls. She became cheerleader, not only to the girls, but also to the guys during their season. Doing all this, she maintained her grades and worked hard throughout.She was a role model for the other girls as well.” Miguel Villar

GPA: 3.62

Sports: Cross country, four years; track and field, four years. Four-time Valley Champion in cross country; Individual Valley Champion in 2016.

Future plans: Attending and running cross country and indoor and outdoor track for Adams State in Colorado majoring in psychology.

Track and cross country coach Eloy Montoya’s comments: “Miguel has been an instrumental part of our Madera South cross country and track family. He is leaving a legacy of excellence in many facets. Miguel is a work horse and true leader. He has always represented Madera South, Madera Unified and the community of Madera the right way.

Throughout the state and nation, people know who Miguel is, not just because of his athletic accomplishments, but because of his character and sportsmanship. He is always thinking team first and individual goals last. He truly wants the best for his brothers on the team and is always willing to sacrifice to see them succeed. We all truly believe that he will conquer the collegiate landscape as a student/athlete.“ Winter Sports

Angelica “Gigi” Gutierrez

GPA: 3.69

Sports: Soccer, four years. CMAC MVP in 2017; Valley Champion in 2015 and 2016.

Future plans: Attending Fresno State in the Fall

Girls soccer coach Ramon Delgadillo’s comments: “Gigi is an amazing player. She is not only a leader, but a team player and also a team supporter. Without her, our program wouldn’t be the same. With that being said, it’s safe to say that Angelica Gutierrez is one great person and player.” Mark Davila

GPA: 3.4

Sports: Soccer, four years; CMAC Goalkeeper of the Year for 2016 and 2017.

Future plans: Attending Clovis Community to play soccer and major in sports Media/journalism Boys soccer coach Fernando Delgadillo’s comments: “Mark is a champion on and off the field. Mark’s hard work and dedication will allow him to achieve great things in life. My staff and I are sad to see him leave, but very proud to say he’s a MSHS alumni.” Spring Sports

Alexis Garcia

GPA: 4.38

Sports: Gymnastics, three years; track and field, three years; Most Valuable Gymnast 2016; Most Valuable Field athlete 2016.

Future plans: Attending UC San Diego majoring in Human Biology. Alexis will try to participate in club gymnastics in college.

Track coach Eloy Montoya’s comments: “She is always displaying a great attitude and her work ethic is top notch. She is always willing to do more than the necessary to help her teammates. One of the most dependable athletes on the track team. She never steers away from a challenge and her character as a person is incredible always respectful. She is very responsible as a student/athlete as well. She is a no excuses type of person and is a driven person to succeed.”

Gymnastics coach Tammi Britton’s comments: “ Alexis doesn’t want to miss a minute of action! In the fall, her days are filled with gymnastics and meets and in the spring, she is jumping over hurdles and pole vaulting with track. Her great attributes are her hard work, dedication and sportsmanship. Jiovanni Saavedra

GPA: 3.3

Sports: Baseball, 3 years

Coach Bobby Waits’ comments: “He is a three-year starter for baseball as a left handed pitcher. The past two season, he also bats and plays the outfield. Jio is a true leader on and off the field. He leads by example, both academically (3.4 GPA) as well as athletically. He was a second team All-CMAC selection last season and this season ,he is once again our team’s ace and is also producing at the plate as a hitter. Jiovanni is always motivated and focused to not only lead his teammates as a captain, but displays a maximum work ethic both as a student and as an athlete.

Jio has picked off over 30 base runners in less than three seasons on varsity and is always able to shut down opponents’ offenses with his pitching skills. This young man is respectful, honest, caring, and is always willing to help others that need it.”

Model coaches and middle schools

Madera Coyotes

Model Coaches

Fall- Meghan Haas, girls volleyball

Winter- Joe Romine, wrestling

Spring- Michael Simmons, tennis Madera South Stallions

Model Coaches

Fall- Kelly Valmonte, cross country

Winter- Fernando Delgadillo, boys soccer

Spring- Peter Gallegos, softball Martin Luther King

Fall sports — Elijah Contreras, football and Arelis Chavez, girls volleyball.

Winter sports — Hugo Espinosa, wrestling and Carina Raymond, girls basketball.

Spring sports — Elena Garcia, softball and Fernando Santiago, track and field.

Model coaches — Ulises Gonzalez, tennis; Joseph Villar, boys basketball; Tim Springer, softball. Desmond

Fall sports — Jimena Gutierrez, tennis and Devin Delgado, football.

Winter Sports — Jessica Sanchez, soccer and Marcos Torrez, wrestling

Spring Sports — Griselda Renteria-Orduna, track and field and Hector Hernandez, baseball.

Model coaches — Megan Wood, tennis; Eddie Cortez, wrestling; Joe Spraggins, baseball. Thomas Jefferson

Fall sports — Evelyn Zambrano-Montemayor, cross country and Cristian Marroquin, football.

Winter sports — Jonese Feliu, basketball and Jeremiah Sanchez, wrestling.

Spring sports — Paola Sanchez, track and field and Bryson Smith, track and field and volleyball.

Model coaches — Armando Lua, football; Karina Martinez, girls basketball; Shelby Herspring, boys volleyball.


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