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Letter: Who’s behind the curtain?

Mr. Lars Maischak, just because you have a Post Hole Digger degree (Ph.D.) doesn’t necessarily mean you have common sense. It’s like having a stick of dynamite without the fuse!

I wonder if I had suggested someone hang that woman Hillary Clinton or that incompetent President Obama we had for the last eight years and all the Democrats as you suggested someone hang President Trump and kill all the Republicans if you would have liked that?

And I wonder how long it would have taken the FBI or some other federal agency to come knocking on my door?

Fresno State has a history going back many years of some liberal professors threatening students who disagreed with their liberal political philosophies. I understand you have done the same thing and in fact kicked at least one student out of class! An editor who wrote an editorial in our local paper was absolutely right when he called you an idiot.

Also, one of the students at Fresno State awhile back who was threatened by a liberal professor happened to be my nephew.

I love my country and I served honorably in Korea during the Korean War. I hope you and I never meet face to face on a street somewhere.

— Sam Pistoresi, Madera


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