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Suspect shoots man in the face, runs and is captured

Donald A. Promnitz/The Madera Tribune

The house on Road 29 where Madera Regional SWAT had a standoff regarding a suspected shooter. The suspect was caught nearby and arrested for attempted murder after he reportedly shot a man in the jaw. The victim is expected to survive.


Following a stand-off, and a brief manhunt, the suspect of a brutal shooting in Madera County has been arrested for attempted murder.

The incident began late Monday night when a group of individuals began drinking at a house at 14477 Road 29, east of Madera, according to Madera County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Tyson Pogue. It was during this bout of drinking that a confrontation reportedly broke out.

“In the course of the argument, one of the suspects shot the victim in the facial area,” Pogue said. The victim, a 25-year-old male, was transported to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno. The gunshot wound, which was in the area of the victim’s jaw, was reportedly serious, but he is expected to survive.

Deputies were dispatched to the residence shortly after midnight, and were told by witnesses that the suspected shooter, Santiago Quiroz-Merino, 43, had run back inside the house. It was then determined at this point that Madera County’s Regional SWAT Team should handle the situation.

After several hours, law enforcement received a warrant from Madera County Judge D. Lynn Jones to enter the house. Upon entrance, however, the SWAT team found no sign of Quiroz-Merino. He was reportedly found hiding in some bushes northeast of the property, and surrendered to law enforcement at around 8 a.m.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the incident.

“At this point, we’re still trying to sort out an investigation as to what (gun) was used,” Pogue said, “and who used which weapon.”

Pogue stated that Quiroz-Merino is the only person in custody for the incident at this time. He has been booked into Madera County Jail.


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