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Stallions perform very well

This month, many great things have been accomplished at Madera South. I would like to begin by congratulating our boys varsity volleyball team on their win against Clovis High, which is ranked as No. 1 in the Valley.

There is no doubt this team is full of very talented players; they have been proving that repeatedly and we could not be more proud to have them play for Madera South.

Some of our Future Farmers of America students competed in the West Hills and UC Davis Field Day, in which they performed very well.

Earning 1st in Best Informed Greenhand was Merary Hernandez, who placed 6th overall. Taking 1st in Horse judging was Deme Marcial, who placed 3rd overall. Claiming 1st in Farm Management were Alex Morales (1st overall) and Francisco Ortega (2nd overall). Holding 2nd in Vet Science were Leslie Arévalo (2nd overall) and Julia Padilla (4th overall). Last but not least, our Ag Welding placed 2nd with Angel Camacho placing 4th overall.

Our FFA also has four students competing for a state proficiency title. These four students have one of the top three projects in their areas in the entire state of California. Congratulations to Frank Chavira (Ag Services), Seth Jessing (Ag Processing), Ismael Reyes (Viticulture), and Ruben Reyes (Diversified Crop Placement).

Thirteen of our clubs at Madera South participated in Kids Day. Waking up before 5 a.m. was well worth it because they made a huge difference, raising $2,644.04 for Valley Childrens Hospital in only two hours!

Early this month, some of our 11th graders took part in a town hall event hearing, with guest speakers Saburo and Marion Masada telling of their experience in Japanese American incarceration camps during World War II. This gave our students the opportunity to learn about an important, yet tragic, event in American history. On behalf of Madera South, I would like to thank Saburo and Marion Masada for their time, and for enlightening and engaging our students.

This week an “AP Night” was held in order to prepare the students who will be taking Advanced Placement courses this upcoming school year. It is very important our students are aware of the opportunities that may be available to them by taking AP courses, and at AP Night it is explained what the students need to know prior to taking any of these courses. They may be challenging classes but they are rewarding in more than one way, and at Madera South, our teachers, counselors, and administrators make sure to show the students support by putting on AP Night to help them understand everything there is to know about AP.

At the end of this month, our MSTC program will be presenting ... *drum roll* ... “Legally Blonde!” Make sure to check back in next week for more information and details on exact time and dates.


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