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Letter: Survival of the fittest, he says

Everything is relative. NASA says we are sinking. Don’t some say the oceans are rising? Does NASA report that the sea levels are rising? From where I sit, everything is measured from MSL (Mean Sea Level).

If, the sea is rising, isn’t everything else sinking? Somebody measured a mountain around San Diego and said it was lower than on record. Is it sinking? Or is the ocean rising? People must realize that the earth is ever changing.

We have fossils of early times. Elephants and saber toothed tigers right here in Madera. Sea creatures lived here too! How come? Roswell, New Mexico, 3,573 feett above sea level,.. and it has sea shells on the surface. I think the world was better off when “man” wasn’t here. Then nobody knew what was normal and what was not.

When the water rose, the creatures moved to higher ground. They didn’t stay and cry “save me.” When the fires came, they ran and didn’t say “save me,” Some perished, but they were the weak, or stupid. Nature saved the best. Maybe that is why the world survived for so long. Then came man.

— Bill Hoffrage, Madera

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