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Alpha Elementary School tries to fight social isolation

For The Madera Tribune

Alpha Elementary School student council members perform onstage during a No One Eats Alone event.


Alpha Elementary School, in an attempt to end social isolation and to get all students to feel included at the school, held a “No One Eats Alone” day.

The event is part of a national campaign held at middle schools and high schools and is sponsored by Beyond Differences.

Alpha held its first event Feb. 17, which included music and icebreakers to get kids to interact with students from other grades.

Alpha is the only Madera school hosting this event, according to the Beyond Difference website. The student council, made up of fourth, fifth and sixth graders, under the direction of Katy Britton and Jeanette Ruzzamenti, ran the event.

During the event, students were seated with others from different classes to get the children to interact with each other.


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