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Officer in hospital after crash on Howard Road

Donald A. Promnitz/The Madera Tribune

Local law enforcement surveys an accident on Howard Road that sent a Madera Police officer to the hospital.


A Madera police traffic officer has been taken to the hospital after a collision with a civilian vehicle on Howard Road near Schnoor Avenue.

According to Madera Police Chief Steve Frazier, the accident occurred late Tuesday morning while he was watching traffic.

“He was working radar here,” Frazier said at the crash scene. “And I guess he got someone going faster than they should be, (and was) trying to follow him, and got in an accident in the process of doing that.”

While making his pursuit, a red Lexus ES 350 sedan was making a left turn, and Warren Webb’s motorcycle went into the front left side of the car. According to Frazier, Webb was able to get up on his own, but complained of chest pain, and was taken by ambulance to Madera Community Hospital as a precaution. The California Highway Patrol has stepped in to investigate the accident.

“It wasn’t a hit and run,” said Madera Police Sgt. Josiah Arnold. “Everybody’s cooperative.”

Arnold also expressed his gratitude to the citizens of Madera that were on the scene, and for their cooperation.

“Obviously for us, we got a call from a citizen saying one of our officers was down, which is not a call which we ever want to respond to,” Arnold said. “And we were really grateful for the citizens that stopped and helped him out because he was not able to get on the radio, and we’re grateful for CHP for being here as soon as we were to help with the investigation.”

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