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Donald Trump takes the oath

Welcome to America under the Trump administration! Were the 60 plus members of congress missed at the festivities when they boycotted the inauguration? Was the reserved box for congress members and their entourage only half-full? Have these temporary hires (congressmen etc.) already decided Trump isn’t their president?

Many people are unhappy with President Donald John Trump. We get it! The congress members on the news that boycotted the inauguration did more than decline to participate. It must not count unless they can get some national publicity out of the action. Because it isn’t enough to just occupy the moral high ground these publicity addicts must be seen in possession of said terrain.

If a politician performs a random act of kindness and a news crew isn’t there to memorialize it, did it actually happen? So little of what they do is random; it is all scripted.

Go ahead and stay away congress members. That sure showed President Trump the error of his ways! By the way, dear, how is your face since you cut your nose off to spite it? Has your nose or your face, either one, learned their lesson?

The night before the swearing-in, talk show host Rachel Maddow was near tears as she urged Americans to adopt a plan of defense against the Trump administration. At a time when the new president has yet to make a single policy decision, she makes a preemptive strike slamming him. Her acidic commentary of the Inauguration made MSNBC’s coverage too annoying to watch.


Part of our new president’s popularity is his brusque, take no prisoners approach to his business and his game show. Did his grass-root supporters do the impossible? Is it so easy to imagine he must have rigged the system because life is a casino and the house never loses?

Like “Let’s Make A Deal” on television, the presidency is his prize behind Curtain Number One. He wins and the jury is still out on what will happen to all of us. I am hopeful he can do the things he has promised.

How is it that in 1941 we sent anyone 18 and older to kick the heck out of the German and Japanese war machines and today kids at the same age needed safe spaces to congregate because their candidate lost the election? Did these drama kings and queens actually expect the Trump organization to immediately send out goon-squads to scoop them up and transport them back to their points of origin?

And shame on academia for encouraging this behavior. School is supposed to educate kids not foster and enable their neuroses. Generation Z, also known as Post-Millennials, need to buck-up and stop being such wimps.

This pointing out another’s faults can get me accused of bullying, shaming and blaming. That is fine with me since no one is willing to accept the blame and it would be nice if some people still understood the concept of shame. In a polite society, shame is a valuable concept that encourages its members to behave. Protecting one’s good name and reputation should still be important, but alas, what a reputation should be has been hijacked and besmirched by criminals and opportunists.

Our new president is promising to shore up our aging infrastructure and to reclaim the manufacturing jobs that have been lost overseas to cheaper labor. His simple rules of buy American and hire American is a broad stroke that has my full support.

“Open your hearts to patriotism and there is no room for prejudice,” President Trump said.

He promised we would be kept safe by our military and our law enforcement. He wants American to dream big and achieve big.

In 1988, Republican presidential nominee George H. W. Bush, in his acceptance speech, called for a kinder, gentler nation. Maybe a different grass-roots effort can try to turn these harsh tides. Simple to implement practices, such as if you see someone without a smile give them one of yours, could help. When driving and another car need to exit a driveway let them slip in ahead of you. Small acts of kindness and good manners foster a better environment for everyone.

Have a great weekend and go Cheese-Heads and Pats!

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