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Ode to New Year’s Eve 2016

Let us toast the New Year in, Fritos and a glass of gin. And we’ll see the old year out, Pretzels and a gulp of stout.

There are wondrous days to come, Doritos and a bit of rum. Forget about the days of old, Vodka that is very cold. The coming year will be so fine, Indulge yourself with some plum wine. Say “so long” to days gone by, Pringles and a shot of rye.

Tequila really churns the guts, Sip it with some salty nuts. Have some cookies, what the heck, Swallow them with Triple Sec

A little scotch can go too far; Tame it with Granola bar. Bourbon, too, is kinda neato, Try with a hot burrito. Finally, let us give a cheer, With nothing but a mug of beer. But if you want to stay alive, Remember: Do not drink and drive.

Leon can now rest peacefully, knowing that he was not the worst poet whose work appeared in this paper.


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