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The blessings of the season

Editors typically hate when their writers drag out cliches such as “T’was the night before Christmas…” But according to legend, tonight is when Santa Claus visits all the good boys and girls, bringing them toys and candy. It is a time for families to gather to share the joy of the season.

Since Christmas falls on Sunday this year, the federal day off is Monday. And while I really don’t want to be a total buzz-kill, a three-day Christmas weekend provides an extra day for celebrating.

Please, if you consume alcohol or other intoxicants, don’t drive. Just stay put until you are sober. If you don’t know if you are straight enough to pass a BAC test, you aren’t! Plan ahead and party responsibly; anything else is unacceptable. Even a first offense for driving under the influence can cost $10 to $15,000 to sort out. Besides if you get arrested for a DUI you will be in no condition to celebrate the arrival of 2017 which is also a three-day party weekend.

Law enforcement will have sobriety checks established all over the county. You will need a valid driver’s license along with proofs of registration and insurance. Without these items the police can seize your vehicle even if you are stone-cold sober.

• • •

It has been such a strange year. According to the almighty search engine Google, in 2014 there were 318.9 million people in the USA and somehow the best this country could muster to run for president were a reality television star mogul and a disgraced former senator. How is that possible? I keep thinking I will wake up and discover that the inmates really aren’t running the asylum, after all.

Blame it on the Tea Party movement or the coffee party or Baby Boomers who smoked too much pot during their formative years. This election cycle has been brutal.

I certainly hope our new president actually has a clue that will bring jobs back from overseas and put Americans back to work. Full-time, well-paying jobs that will ease the burden of the middle-class and the departments of social services.

• • •

Christmas is a time to reconnect with family and friends. The season is really hard on some people emotionally. Celebrate by doing something nice for people who have less than you do.

Every child should feel loved and safe every day but especially on Christmas. Give your children the gift of manners and decorum. Quit feeling guilty because you must work and can’t spend more time with your children. Make the most of the time you have and lead by example.

Not to sound like the Grinch’s much younger, less green sister but the problem is that there are just too many Whos in Whooville.

Newspaper stories and photos, television newscasts and Internet posts are filled with the sights of the distribution of holiday food baskets for the poor.

Should I ever become the supreme over-lady (female version of overlord, right?) I will make sure a big box of condoms and a huge bottle of morning-after pills are included in each package.

Every child born deserves an opportunity to reach for their dreams. They can’t do that if there aren’t enough resources to feed and clothe them.

I don’t care what the church and the good book says about going forth and multiplying, zero population growth, two children, one to replace each parent is enough mouths to feed.

A small family you take good care of is far better than lots of children who must do without.

Merry Christmas and have a very blessed weekend!

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