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Resident believes drones taking Internet

I’ve lived in Madera Lakes for 13 years and all was good, but the past year there have been drones everywhere out here as soon as it gets dark.

This is almost every night most of the time they are up pretty high, but often they are dive bombing right over the top of houses with the brightest lights ever, enough to light up a stadium or two or three.

So I ask myself, what is going on out here? Maybe they are looking for terrorists or something because there is no way they are spending that kind of money and time looking for people growing pot; besides it’s legal now.

So what exactly is so important out here that they need to keep watching us.

Now here is my other thought: Maybe they are flying these drones out here for training purposes, kind of like secret government crap.

Well, okay then, more power to them; we all like a safe country right? But the thing that bothers me the most about this is that somehow I believe they are jamming cell phone signals out here when they are doing “manuveurs” or whatever it is they are doing, so now we don’t have any Internet cause there is no high-speed Internet out here so we use wifi; now we barely have that.

I always wondered why there was no signal when there is a tower out here or so we were told but now I don’t think it is for phones, it’s for drones.

Not that long ago we all thought that high speed internet was coming our way. The guys were putting fiber optics in the ground alongside of the road for about two years then I heard that the plan was scrapped. It wasn’t that was the communication probably for the government and their drones.

So, what I’m saying is, I’m fed up having to do without Internet so the government can fly drones over my house all night long.

I have nothing to hide and I don’t even give a rat’s behind what they do but give us some Internet out here. Didn’t President Obama say that it is our right to have high speed Internet, and on a final note I wonder if that old World War 2 radar station out there on Avenue 28 1/2 has anything to do with all this. I’m betting yes.

— Kevin Benefield, Madera

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