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Fantasy thinking can create reality

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” — Philippians 2:5

It gives me great pleasure to see a program or read a book about how some of the tools and equipment we use today started as ideas to help the inventors and others.

It all starts with a thought and idea coming from the one source all life depends on, and that is the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God).

Some of the tools and equipment started out in a person’s mind as a fantasy for entertainment and storytelling and then became something useful a few years later.

It all comes from the one source, the imagination, which Einstein said “was the greatest gift man ever received from the Creator.”

Fantasy thoughts and stories are a product of the imagination which can grow into something useful for man. We have space travel now partly because of the Buck Rogers fantasy comics. We have the lasers now from the Flash Gordon fantasy comics and the wrist size radios that Detective Dick Tracy used in his comics.

It proves to me that as man needs more knowledge for material things that knowledge is always given to him in thoughts from the Creative Intelligence, and the action taken to develop the equipment is brought about in a way that puts the pieces together to form what is needed.

There are always improvements made as other people get ideas on how to make the equipment more efficient and safer to use.

Take a look at the automobile we have today compared to the first one put together in the early 1900s. There is another area which seems to prepare man for what is to come in future events, and I am referring to the plane Captain Sully glided into the Hudson River, and was credited for saving many lives.

A flock of birds had destroyed both engines and there was no power, so the plane became a glider. After it was all settled and they interviewed Captain Sully, he told the investigators he had taken glider lessons a few years before the plane accident.

As we know, gliders were used during World War II to land troops and equipment closer to the combat zones, and once the glider was used, it was never recovered because of the damage to it in landing.

The Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) expresses Itself in so many ways when one is open to recognize and receive the messages.

I can recall a definite time in my life when I recognized the end results of the situation before the event ever happened. By staying balanced in mind, body and spirit one can live a life of joy because one is staying in the flow of good and can recognize those thoughts and take action from the guidance of the small still voice from within.

The gut feeling one gets when making a decision is this message coming through from the Creative Intelligence of the Universe. Life is good when one is balanced and realizes one can trust the Source for a life of joy, peace and harmony because all of life on this planet is part of the Creative Source.

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