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Tooley recovering after surgery

David Tooley, 62, longtime city administrator of Madera, is recovering and working from home after unexpected open-heart surgery to clear a blocked artery.

Long known for his diligent work habits during his 23 years with the city, his absence was first publicly noted at the Nov. 16 meeting of the Madera City Council.

Tooley said his first experience with heart disease began 16 years ago with angina chest pain. At that time he was taken to the Madera Community Hospital.

“I had the good fortune to receive treatment from a world-class cardiologist, Dr. Ranjit Rajpal,” Tooley said. “He is one of a number of exceptional physicians who make Madera their home. Dr. Rajpal performed an angioplasty procedure in which my obstructed artery was opened by inflating a small balloon at the end of a catheter.”

Tooley said that over the past 16 years, Rajpal has provided care and guidance in the management of his heart disease.

“He has also become my friend.”

Tooley said when a recent local treadmill stress test revealed further cause for concern, he was scheduled for surgery last Friday (Nov. 11) in Fresno to proactively clear the arterial blockage.

“Health technology is pretty amazing,” Tooley said. “I had open-heart surgery on Friday morning and was released to go home the following Monday afternoon. My recovery period is 6 to 10 weeks. Assuming no complications I should be released to return to the office in plus or minus 5 weeks. In the interim I am able to successfully manage my office activities from home.

“My ability to do so is a reflection of an excellent city staff and a highly cohesive City Council.” Tooley said he was trying to be a good patient, and was resting and feeling better. He went on to say that symptoms of heart disease are nothing to be taken lightly.

“Heart disease is not something to be run from. It needs to be proactively engaged. I am a good example of how proactive treatment leads to excellent outcomes. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the outstanding health care system that exists in Madera.”

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