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“And He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying drink ye all, of it.” —Matthew 26:27

When we see or hear the word Thanksgiving, the first thought is a big turkey with all the trimmings and the whole family gathered together. I know when I was growing up on the farm it was always a big day at our house. As I got older, and was away from the farm, our family still made it a day to get together with all the food and good times.

As the years passed, and the 10 of us siblings moved farther and farther away from one another, and had our own families, it became very difficult for our whole family to get together.

That was the meaning of Thanksgiving to me, until I read a story about how the Pilgrims and Indians got together for a big feast after all the harvest was gathered. Thanksgiving took on a new meaning in my life after that, and I now have a different view on what Thanksgiving is all about.

We now have festivals at the end of harvest of different crops and it is a way to celebrate for the abundance of that crop we have received. The one day set aside for everyone to celebrate is the last Thursday in November and is the time when we give thanks for the abundance we have in our own lives. I like the way Webster’s Dictionary explains thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day. There a difference in the way you give thanks and the way you celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is an act of rendering thanks, a service held as an expression of thanks for the Divine Goodness that comes into our lives.

We can have thanksgiving every day in our life for what the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) has given us. Give thanks for your food, clothes, schools, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and all the other things that bring joy, peace, and harmony.

There are so many things we take for granted, and we refuse to take the time to think about how they are all a part of our life. The Creative Intelligence of the Universe gives us, each day, the things we need and we should give thanks each day for that abundance, an abundance that circulates into our experience.

Thanksgiving Day is set apart for rendering thanks to this Creative Intelligence for the blessings granted to our nation.

Each morning, while doing my spiritual work, is the best time I can give thanks for the continued flow of abundance into my experience. We should all give thanks for the one day of family gatherings and the feast as part of the abundance that flows into our experience.

Each day of the year, give thanks for the joy and harmony that flows into your experience and see that happening for all beings on this planet.


The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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