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Ignorance is bliss

The people who were marching in the streets of some cities on Thursday and Friday in protest of Donald Trump’s winning the presidency proved once again the truth of the old saying, “Ignorance is bliss.”

These demonstrators were breaking the windows of others and setting fires to other peoples’ property, all in the name of ... well, they didn’t quite say. There was a sign at one of the rallies that said, “America never was great,” but the ignorance of that assertion is almost beyond measurement.

Some said the United States is no place for racism, but where in the world would we find less racism than exists in the U.S.? In Africa? No. In that unfortunate, blood-soaked continent, racism and tribalism run amok. How about in China? Racism in China is legendary, as it is in Japan and in the Koreas and in Indonesia. How about Russia? Sorry, but Russia is as racist as they come, especially when it is applied as discrimination against people of African heritage.

What about economic discrimination? We see people pouring into European countries from Africa and the Middle East and India, looking for jobs. You don’t see Europeans flowing into Africa, or India, or the Middle East looking for work.

People from the United States don’t sweep down into Mexico looking for jobs, it’s the other way around. Why is that? It’s because the Mexican oligarchs discriminate against that country’s peasant class, effectively pushing them into the U.S. so the already rich of Mexico don’t have to provide adequate education, or infrastructure or job opportunities for the impoverished.

The undereducated, over-privileged fools who decided to take to the streets and protest the outcome of the presidential election ought to get some free tickets for their trouble: Free tickets to Africa, where they can see what it’s like to have their hands chopped off for not being part of a particular tribe; free tickets to almost any Middle Eastern kingdom where they can see what it’s like to be imprisoned because they don’t think and pray like “good” Muslims; free tickets to Indonesia where they can get to live under sharia law and be caned to death for minor infractions. Free tickets to China, which is still a communist state that wants to control your thinking as well as what you do with most of your waking hours, as well as what you earn and how you earn it. Oh, and of course, there’s Venezuela; take a free ticket to Venezuela, which was supposed to be a socialist paradise just five years ago, but today is a nightmare of deprivation and hardship.

Oh, yes, keep marching, you fools, because you can. And the reason you can is because this is a free land — made free by soldiers and law-enforcement officers and teachers and doctors and lawyers and farmers and ranchers and builders and engineers and truck drivers and others who actually do something useful. And it is a land made free by gifts from many other nations, nations who have offered up the gifts of their people to the United States, so they, too, can live free and share the blessings of freedom with their families and friends from their mother countries, and join that uncountable caravan of people who over the centuries have created with their hands and minds, on their feet and on their knees, the greatest nation that ever has graced this planet.


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