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Inside the Game: Madera South 49

Player of the game: Senior quarterback Jonah Johnson has been one of the most exciting players to watch all season. He demanded attention on every play during the rivalry game refusing to be tackled as a ball carrier. As a passer, Johnson went 8-for-15 totaling 185 yards and one touchdown. An even bigger threat is Johnson as a rusher, being perhaps the tallest and strongest athlete on the field at all times, Johnson gained 98 yards and two touchdowns on eight carries.

Unsung Hero of the game: Senior running back Jacob Kirkpatrick was hardly unsung, but he and Johnson were both the heroes for the Stallions. Kirkpatrick caught three passes from Johnson for 84 yards and one touchdown. Most of his damage was done on his eight rushes for 105 yards and three touchdowns.

Play of the game: The Stallions’ very first play of the game seemed to catch the Coyotes by surprise. Johnson ran an option where he went untouched for nearly 11 yards before a perfectly timed pitch went to Kirkpatrick, who gained another seven yards. This play showed the Coyotes what they were up against. Johnson and Kirkpatrick ran wild the rest of the game ensuring the bragging rights would be reserved to the Stallions.

Drive of the game: After that first play on offense, Johnson and Kirkpatrick needed only two more plays before they scored the first touchdown of the game. The second play was a 24-yard gain by Johnson running straight into the gut on the defense. The drive only took four plays in less than three minutes to take a 7-0 lead set the tone. Kirkpatrick scored on a 21-yard double-fake handoff that confused every player on the Coyote defense to finish the drive.


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