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Madera politicos prepare for election

With the 2016 presidential election just three days away, both Republicans and Democrats in Madera have been working to campaign for their respective candidates in what has been considered by many to be one of the most unpredictable elections yet.

“We have been open during the day into the late afternoon for the public to come in, we have yard signs available for the presidential candidate, and for local candidates as well,” said Leslie Labrucherie, a former president of Madera Republican Women. “We have campaign literature that people can get here, we have bumper stickers, other items, some people can take, some people can purchase.”

According to Labrucherie, her fellow Madera Republicans have also been making calls out to key swing states. She has described the mood in the office as being “hopeful, but wary” in the days leading up to Nov. 8, and believe that GOP candidate Donald Trump has a good chance at winning over states in the Midwest that have leaned Democratic in past election cycles.

“I don’t necessarily think they were so solidly Democrat. I think he can (win them). I don’t think he’d be going to these states now if his internal polling didn’t tell him that there was a chance.”

Labrucherie has also expressed her hopes regarding the renewed investigation by the FBI into Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Well personally, I’ve been walking on air, and I’ve had a huge smile on my face. And the rest of us, I think the single most unified reaction has been: ‘do you think that Hillary Clinton, or the Clintons, will finally be brought to justice?’”

Meanwhile, the Madera Democratic Club, headed by James “Lex” Bufford, has been at work, conducting such activities as walking precincts, and doing voter registration drives.

“On the local basis, we’ve had almost all the city council come through, which are Democrat,” Bufford said. “Everyone’s been real active.”

Bufford has also dismissed the newest investigation, even as the polls tighten in Trump’s favor. “I think most of the people have already decided who they’re going to vote for.”

Both Republicans and Democrats in Madera have also been active in supporting their congressional candidates, with the GOP office campaigning extensively for nominee Johnny Tacherra, and with the Democrats of Madera working on behalf of Rep. Jim Costa.

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