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Shooting of Fresno deputy needless act

I was distressed to hear about the shooting of Fresno Sheriff’s Sgt. Rod Lucas, 46, a husband and father of four.

Based on the information released, the sheriff’s staff needs to be educated on gun safety frequently. Prime rule: OK to talk about a piece of equipment, but NEVER point a weapon at any person, as in this case, or in the direction where any staff may be working in another room. Another prime rule: keep the safety on the gun to prevent accidental discharges and trauma to others.

How can Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims say there was no argument between the parties after she says the shooter has not yet been interrogated or investigated?

This is totally unacceptable. Will the department pay for the kids’ educations through graduate school? Does the wife continue to get full pay?

Should we show more compassion when civilians accidentally shoot and kill police officers? Is the attitude, well, accidents do happen?

Forgive my rant. I am still upset by the Fresno deputy that locked a dog in the parked car while he attended a meeting and the dog, naturally, died from heat. Then, the deputy requested a new dog.

I must stop and vent. God bless us all.

— Loraine Goodwin,


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