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Inside the Game: Edison Tigers 42, Madera South 22

Player of the game: Edison’s Brian Johnson was a force to be reckoned with for the Stallions. He made several big runs for the Tigers and scored two touchdowns — one for 16 yards, and another for 45 yards. His rushing helped ensure an Edison lead throughout the game.

Unsung Hero of the game: Mathew Manoz, despite the poor follow-up on offense, played well on both sides of the football for Madera South. On defense, he recovered a fumble on Edison’s 13-yard line. The ensuing drive led to the Stallions’ second touchdown of the night, which Manoz himself ran in for six yards.

Play of the game: Near the end of the first quarter, quarterback Jonah Johnson got Madera South on the board by breaking through Edison’s defenses and running a 33-yard touchdown. This came just after running to save the Stallions on a fourth down conversion. The score demonstrated that victory would not come easily for the Tigers.

Drive of the game: Madera South’s first score came after a harrowing fourth down conversion run by Jonah Johnson, just barely making it to the first down marker. He ran again on the next play, scoring a 33-yard touchdown on the keep. A penalty for Edison on the extra point led Madera South to go for a two-point conversion that succeeded with a third run by Johnson.


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