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City is often mislabeled, he says

We often hear negative comments about Madera and its people both past and present, but as a native who has been here for 75 years, I am amazed at how many wonderful people I have had the opportunity to have known and interact with.

After 37 years in education and 15 years in retirement, I was invited to the reunion of the Madera High School Class of 1966.

There I was, honored by kind words, handshakes, hugs, smiles and gifts. All for a rookie teacher of U.S. history and civics of 50 years ago.

I got to watch the classmates’ devotion and appreciation for each other. I got to hear many different perspectives of past events. We visited, drank, ate, laughed and danced.

The only unfortunate part of the evening for me was that I wasn’t able to get around to meet all of the 180 people there.

I would like to thank Ron Manfredi, the committee and attendees for inviting Pat and me and for making us feel so welcome.

That committee included Karen Faso East, Diane Molina Parsons, Linda Martini Pearson, Dixie Gassman Barr, Belen Gonzales and Donna Boria Adams.

You and your classmates gave me a night I will never forget.

You only reinforced my view of all the capable, kind and caring people in our community of Madera. Over the years we have been invited to other class reunions and as I reflect on these experiences, I am always filled with pride for our community.

“Together we are better.”

— Joe Vived, Madera


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