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Regan Fringer

For The Madera Tribune Regan Fringer, left, hangs out during teen council at Camp Keola withTehya Abrahams and Lauren Bliss, right.


Regan Fringer has been a member of the Sierra Shadows 4-H Club for the past seven years. She is the club’s vice president. In those years, she has done projects in baking, swine, sheep, meat goats, leadership, and wildlife.

She is a teen leader with the sheep projects where she helps other members learn about all aspects of raising sheep. She has shown them how to select good quality animals and properly feed and care for them. She has shown how to give shots when needed and fix other health issues, as well.

Regan loves the experiences that 4-H has given her. All of the places she has been, the friendships she has made, and the agriculture industry people she has met have culminated into the type of person she aspires to be — successful, humble, giving, caring and independent.

One of Regan’s favorite 4-H activities is the summer camp every year at Camp Keola at Huntington Lake. She loves the outdoors and always has such a great time.

Some of the activities for the 4-H campers are swimming, hiking, outdoor cooking, outdoor science, arts and crafts, fishing, paddle boards, and kayaks.

Regan, along with some of her friends, is part of the teen council group that helps plan camp for the younger campers. They are the 4-H members who actually run the camp with sessions, night time activities, campfire, etc.

Regan says, “There is always something for everyone to participate in at camp. We have a great time, and every now and then have to take a 10 minute rest.”

Regan is a sophomore at Minarets High School, has a 4.0 GPA, is an FFA officer, does student leadership, Key Club, and plays soccer.

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