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Jake Dowell

Jake Dowell is a sixth year member of 4-H and is a member of the Spring Valley 4-H Club. He is a eighth grade student at Spring Valley School in O’Neals.

He is an honor roll student. Jake has earned his Gold Star and is currently working on an Emerald Star project.

He has two older brothers, ages 19 and 21.

Jake is active in several projects. They include meat goats, dairy goats, dairy cattle and veterinary science. He added dairy cattle last fall and really loves showing his heifers.

Jake is excited about the new 4-H year. He recently exhibited his goats and dairy heifers at the Madera Fair. His dairy goats did very well. He had the AOB Junior Champion, AOB Senior Champion, AOB Reserve Senior Champion, AOB Reserve Grand Champion, AOB Grand Champion, LaMancha Reserve Senior Champion, Best Uddered Doe and the Best Doe in Show. He was second in showmanship and was also named the Outstanding 4-H Dairy Goat Exhibitor. His dairy heifers both placed in the first group.

Jake enjoys working with his animals. He is a junior leader for the dairy goat project. Helps plan group activities and meetings. He currently is working on an Emerald Star project related to dairy goats. Jake raises his market goats and show goats, so he manages their health. Jake dehorns, vaccinates and treats his animals when necessary. The vet science project is a natural fit with his animal projects.

Jake participates at Livestock Expo and Favorite Foods Day every year. He looks forward to attending the Leadership Conference of Regional Teens (LCORT) this year. Jake earned county winner for his dairy goat project record book for 2015-2016. He is very close to earning a platinum star.

Jake likes 4-H, because of the activities and awards available. He likes to compete at the local fairs and attend the county 4-H events. He likes meeting new friends and learning about other projects at the fairs. He also likes to help with community service projects. and serving on committees.

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