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Isaiah Goudie

Isaiah Goudie is 16-years-old and is a freshman at Chowchilla High School. Isaiah has enjoyed being a part of the Chowchilla 4-H.

This is Isaiah’s seventh year in 4-H. His projects are beef, community pride, arts and crafts and goats.

Isaiah has learned leadership, responsibility, organization skills, public speaking skills and the value of hard work and dedication. He has worked very heard each year in all his projects to learn new things to improve the ag industry.

The club has a variety of projects to choose from and plenty of opportunities to help out the club, community and world.

Isaiah’s favorite projects are beef and community pride. Beef is his passion and enjoys showing a steer. He also enjoys community pride. This project is rewarding to him. They help the community in a variety of ways by serving local dinners (Save the Fair dinners, functions, Relay for Life luncheons), providing food and animal supplies to the local animal shelter, helping the needy during the holidays and helping the assisted living. Isaiah feels helping the community is essential and helping other people gives him joy.

Isaiah continues to row and plans to pursue his future in the agriculture business. This is his passion in life.

Isaiah’s proud parents are Jennifer and George of Chowchilla. He has one younger brother named Sean.

Isaiah is very active in sports, playing football, soccer and baseball. He also enjoys hunting with the family and friends.

Isaiah is excited and hopes for a successful and fun year in 4-H. He is blessed to have his family and their support.

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