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Follow your thoughts to peace and happiness

“I know that thou canst do everything, and that no thought can be witholden from thee.” — Job 42:2 It is very difficult for me to watch the news programs because there seems to be nothing but putting people down in every part of the country. I know it is election year and it can be expected by the politicians to blow out the others’ candles so theirs can burn brighter in the mind and eyes of those they want to impress.

That can be expected of that group, but the one I am referring to is the law enforcement people in all parts of the country who are being degraded by certain groups who are poisoning the minds of the young people and causing anger among the citizens, young and old, to not respect the law enforcement people in most areas of our great country.

They claim to have a reason for their demonstrations even before the facts are gathered and the truth of what really happened is known. There has to be high respect on both sides for a peaceful solution to be reached and then let the laws of the land handle the situation so no one gets hurt or other lives are disrupted.

All beings are created with intuition as part of the survival consciousness at the time of creation and it can be called “the small still voice within the mind” or the “gut feeling” one gets when making a choice of doing or not doing.

One cannot act out of anger or fear when making a choice to help others in a situation that can bring harm to others.

There is very little printed or broadcast about the good things people do for others as much as the bad acts causing a lot of problems. I read a story about a young man in the auxiliary law enforcement in a small town just outside Denver. His name was Mike Bowman, who liked helping the sheriff’s department when they needed fill-in personnel when the regular officers took time off.

Mike was working a weekend shift when he kept getting a “gut feeling” to go up on a mountain outside his assigned area which was only trees and logging roads with no houses in that area. He didn’t want to go outside his assigned area but the feeling was so great he decided to go up a logging road and check things out. The rain had washed out the road in some places but the vehicle he had could get past the washed out areas. As the logging road made a curve to the left Mike saw an elderly lady lying on the road. He checked her out and found out her husband was over the edge of the road in the brush.

They had been on their son’s dirt bike and hit one of the washed out places in the road. Her husband had ridden motorcycles all his life so he was not inexperienced. Mike got help there right away and they all survived which made Mike feel very good about what he had done. Had he not paid attention to the “gut feeling” and taken action on that feeling, the older couple may have died. The same thing with a thought one might have which will not go away should be acted on because it is the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) trying to get a message to you that can help you or someone else.

A thought is a thing and can help one get the peace and happiness we were created to receive. Take your “gut feeling” and your thoughts and pay attention to the small voice within and you will experience peace and happiness and an opportunity to serve others.


The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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