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Inside the Game

Madera South 39, Pacheco Panthers 28

Player of the game:Senior running back Eric Escobar, the Coyotes know Escobar as ‘Shorty’ and the more Shorty touches the ball, the more points this team will score. Escobar makes opponent miss and that’s exactly what he did on the second play of the game during last Friday’s homecoming. 81 yards to house making it look too easy.

Unsung Hero of the game: Justin Landero has been playing multiple positions all season. His size allows him to use his athletic ability in to his advantage on defense, and as a tool on offense. Landero two rush attempts, a pass thrown his way, and made four tackles alone on one defensive series. Landero has been the heart of the defense through five games this season. He makes the play when his team needs it. By not being flashy, his old-school approach on defense makes him an unsung hero.

Play of the game: No surprise here. The longest play of the game, came from the backfield. The Coyote’s leading rusher, running back Eric ‘Shorty’ Escobar made one defender miss, turned upfield and steamrolled 81 yards to the end zone. Before anyone glanced at the scoreboard- Escobar put his team in front 7-0.

Drive of the game: To open the second half, the Coyotes looked composed over cleaned up their own mistakes to complete one of the most impressive drives this season. The blocks were made at the second-level allowing rushers to execute and move the ball effectively. The drive which started with 9:09 in the second quarter, also allowed coaches and coordinators to control the tempo playing to their strengths, running the football. Without shooting themselves in the foot, Madera was able to overcome a 15-yard penalty due to quarterback Jerry Hernandez, who made plays with his arm and with his feet. The three-headed rush attack of Hernandez, Escobar, and Josh McMillon gained six first downs helping the offense get into rhythm for their second touchdown of the game, a 13-yard strike from Hernandez to Alexander Lopez.


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