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Screamer of obscenities could have pulled over

I attended a peaceful demonstration at Madera’s Courthouse Park against the proposed Austin Quarry Project. It was intended to inform the public of our grave concerns about the project and the manner in which it appeared it would be approved with little to no regards for the concerns of citizens in southeastern Madera County.

Then, at 11:15 a.m., a self-proclaimed “trucker,” in a late model Dodge pickup began screaming F-you! F-you! F-you!

Demonstrators included elderly people, women, and disabled veterans. When able-bodied men became aware of the situation and rushed to that area this coward sped away still screaming obscenities and making hand gestures with both hands.

As Americans we have a right to peacefully assemble and protest when we feel our government is not acting in our best interests.

My 86-year-old mother had to listen to your filthy rants. To that cowardly driver: Why couldn’t you just pull over and discuss your disagreement? Perhaps F-you is your only position?

Considering your lack of control, I’m fearful of the outcome should an inexperienced or elderly driver accidentally “cut you off” while you are driving a multi-ton gravel truck from the Austin Quarry. You should be ashamed!

And you shouldn’t be allowed to drive any vehicle with your temperament!

— Kenneth Don Helms, Madera

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