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Quarry will boost business and revenue

I have lived in Madera County for 43 years and I’m in favor of the Austin Quarry.

I currently live a few miles from the proposed site and am on a private well. Water is a concern for us, but because of the project documents that are available to the public via the county’s website I feel that the proper mitigation measures have been taken.

The county staff report clearly addresses all of the opposition claims about groundwater impacts, stating these are “incorrect” and there is “no basis” for their assertions, as “those estimates are based upon assumptions that clearly do not apply to the bedrock at the Project site.” I also attended meetings.

I am concerned about continued job creation. New development projects like the Austin Quarry will provide good-paying jobs for the area, and will help support other growing businesses as well as generate tax revenue for our county. This economic stimulus is extremely important for the future of this community — and in my family’s case, for our children and grandchildren.

I strongly believe that this type of growth in Madera County will keep us from becoming simply a bedroom city for the city of Fresno. I hope our neighbors will also take the time to review the public records, and not just believe opposition claims. They will find there are many reasons to support the Austin Quarry.

— Janis Armstrong, Madera

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