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The animals always know, and so should man

“Keep yourselves in the love of God, for the life which is ours forever.” — Jude 1:21 The programs we see on primetime television are produced for family entertainment and that is the time the programmers should put messages in that will impact the minds of children.

People may get a belly laugh out of a situation comedy sketch for the entertainment for the overall audience to enjoy but the effect some of that information can be harmful to the young mind that is embodying it. The young mind should get the information from teachers and parents that the universe was created by a power greater than we are and that that power is expressing itself at all times throughout the universe.

The animals on this planet are the answers to a majority of the problems that are created by lack of intelligence about the animal kingdom. I watched a two hour program about animals, birds, sea life and insects that was produced by Nature’s Amazing Animal Events. The information that that program was getting across to the audience was something every child should be aware of. It told about the trip the monarch butterfly makes each year and the timing of those flights puts them where they are supposed to be for the right weather and their food needs.

There was coverage about the Japanese Crane meeting on a certain island to mate and raise their young. Some of the rituals that some birds and animals perform to attract a mate was totally amazing and it shows that staying in harmony with the universe the species they represent will continue to survive. It also covered the lives of crocodiles and how they know through instinct when it is time to move to certain areas of their habitat when there is a migration of animals crossing the rivers and they have their feast.

It is all in their pattern of life when they were created so they have the best ways to survive. There were many animals, birds and sea life covered in the program but the main message of the program was to show how the wonderful orchestra of the universe stays tuned to the perfection and that keeps all life on this planet in harmony with the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God). I would like to see more programs like this on the main channels doing family prime time television for the sake and education of our children.

The perfection of the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) is something every being should be aware of and it should start to be recognized at the earliest age possible. The balance of Nature is so important to the survival of all life on this planet and all beings, especially the children, should be made aware of that. Some of the poison the children are getting from the television and other communication sources can be a damaging event that some people may never overcome.

Parents want the best for their children and the best way to teach that is by example. When a person is in balance with the universe and feels that balance in mind, body, and spirit, then the example set for the child creates more love, peace and harmony in the whole family.

The programs a child is exposed to is the responsibility of the parent or the guardian. When all beings recognize God is in charge then only good can come to those who recognize “it is the Father’s great pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”


The Rev. Jim Fox is senior minister emeritus of the Madera Spiritual Awareness Center, which teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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