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JROTC can be positive for youth

For four years our community has been asking for a Junior Reserve Officer Training (JROTC) program to be placed in one of our high schools.

We have asked for a public hearing and we even asked for a citizens committee to be formed. We have several residents who would volunteer, who participated and who have knowledge of the JROTC. They have experience, taught in the program or have family members participating as cadets in other areas outside of Madera.

We have some 1,800 members on the Facebook site, called “MUSD Residents for a JROTC Program.” We are now in partnership with the Madera American Legion Post 11 in an attempt to have the district listen to what our residents would like implemented for our youth.

With the new high school having its curriculum being established at this time, we feel this is the perfect opportunity for the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Ed Gonzalez to listen to the people and start a fact-finding committee with citizens, veterans and school officials.

This would be a game changer for many of our youth in the MUSD community. We have just under 100 students on average who join our military services upon graduation.

For their participation, they enter the service with a rank of an E-3 to E-4. Those who attend college can receive $96,000 to $180,000 in college scholarships depending on their branch of choice. The vision of JROTC is providing quality citizenship, character, and leadership development, while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions. Their mission: “To motivate young people to be better citizens.”

Every community has benefited on several social issues who have this program in their school districts.

We have several veterans in our MUSD family who are aware of the value this program provides. Having a JROTC program at the new high school on Ellis (Street) would provide limitless benefits to our youth. There are approximately 314,000 cadets enrolled in JROTC programs in 1,717 high schools, led by 4,000 retired Army instructors.

We would like the school board and administration to reach out to meet, communicate and work in partnership with the community in bringing a JROTC program to MUSD. This will give our youth fantastic opportunity in many areas of growth.

Listening to the people is the cornerstone of government.

— Lynn Cogdill, MUSD Residents for JROTC Program 661-487-7384


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