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Supes OK funding for arts center

The Madera County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to contribute $95,862 to help fund the Downtown Madera Master Plan and Performing Arts Center.

The board also okayed a contribution of $85,655 for a study and recommendations on renovating the old county library.

The renovations of the old library, according to preliminary discussions, would provide for an art gallery, while renovation of the former courthouse, now used for the District Attorney’s Offices, would allow for a performing arts center. Both buildings are on Yosemite Avenue, across from the Courthouse Museum and Courthouse Park.

Once completed, the entire project would include a governmental and cultural center for the city’s downtown.

This would include, starting from West 4th and G streets and moving south:

  • City Hall.

  • The Madera County Government Center and its parking facility.

  • The Madera Housing Authority offices.

  • The future performing arts and cultural center (former courthouse).

  • The Madera County Public Library.

  • A center for the visual arts (old library)

  • Courthouse Park.

  • Courthouse Historical Museum and memorials to fallen law enforcement officers and members of the armed forces.

  • The new Madera County Courthouse, fronting on 6th Street.

The vote Tuesday was to approve the funds, but they will be appropriated at a future meeting.


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