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Support good-heartedness

I would like to invite everyone to come out and help us, the Madera NAACP, to honor four outstanding community servants and activists, at our Curtis Collier Freedom Fund Scholarship Fundraiser on Saturday, commencing with social hour at 5:30 p.m.

I am submitting this invitation through the Letter to the Editor section because I would like the community to know how hard it has been to always remain positive in an environment of continued blind eyes to who we are, why we are and our reason to exist.

The NAACP Mission Statement is “to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate hate-based discrimination.”

The NAACP is a non-violent, peaceful organization, and we pride ourselves for being the oldest, civil rights organization in the world. Established in 1909 by a multi-cultural group of 60-plus activists, of which only a few were African American, to help in stopping the violence launched towards African Americans and their Families, through the brutality of hangings, the name NAACP became synonymous with African Americans “only,” However, the NAACP name stands for National Association for the Advancement of “Colored” People. The NAACP is a “multi-cultural” organization for all people’s rights. We laud ourselves on civil rights for all, education, criminal justice, health disparities and youth works.

The four recipients of the Curtis Collier Freedom Fund Community Service Award, are all very giving of themselves and work tirelessly in serving others. They are: Pastor Becky Goodwin, Michelle Alexander, Alyssa Smith and Marvin Baker.

These four recipients have fought long and hard for equal rights at home and in schools without ceasing. They know that hardships that are ensured from every walk of life and they believe in the equal rights of all, no matter race, color, old or young, sexual orientation, male or female, tall or small.

Their stories may differ slightly but their hearts are filled with love for others and they give of themselves wholeheartedly at all times. They live their lives filled with hope for all.

That is why I stated above about the hardship of staying positive in doing the civil rights work in Madera, because many eyes are blinded to our existence and why are needed here in Madera County.

There are civil rights issues that are just as 24/7 as every other town or state in America, maybe not as broad as other locations, but are real and are here. Your support to the good-heartedness of these four recipients would be a testament that you appreciate as we do, of their giving to make our community better. Help us to keep our eyes opened to the good works of others and to know that what the NAACP does in our community as a help is to make our community stronger and better for all.

You may know all or one of the four recipients, and you know how giving of themselves they are and their works in our community are evident in several ways: Pastoring, youth works, leadership and education.

There is still time to get your ticket and enjoy the dinner scholarship fundraiser with us this upcoming Saturday, June 25. Tickets are adults, $40, and youth, $20; adults table of eight, $300 and youth table of eight, $140.

— Gloria Brown, president, NAACP Branch 1084/ACT-SO

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