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Madera police officer retires after 25 years of service

After years of “exemplary” service in law enforcement, Officer Eddie Guzman retired from the Madera Police Department.

His retirement June 2 marks the end of 25 years with the department, in which he served a patrol officer, a watch commander, a detective and a field-training officer.

“I’m proud of the time I spent as a detective,” said Guzman. “I turned over several huge cases – homicide cases.”

“He never needed help,” Sgt. Daniel Foss said, reflecting on Guzman’s work as a detective. “No matter how big the case was, he could do it on his own, and he could do it from beginning to end. When he got his hands onto a case, you knew he was going to arrest somebody if they did something wrong. He was gonna find out who that person was, and make sure they were held responsible for it.” ...

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