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The junk we carry today blocks tomorrow’s vision

“And he said, I will make myself known to him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.” — Numbers 12:6 The dreams one has can make a difference in one’s life when the dream is about what one is doing or what one is going to do.

There are people who claim to be able to read the information in a dream and have that information be part of what they are doing at the present time. The information from a dream may be part of that small voice within, giving each guidance which may help create one’s tomorrows.

One’s mind, being an extension of the Creative Mind of the Universe (God), can create what thoughts are and what action to take on those thoughts. By living in the now moment, one can recognize a good thought from one not so good, and make a choice on what one wants in the life one is experiencing...

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