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Madera High student wins writing contest

“In a world inside my mind / A man resides who I can find.” Words that start a young man’s poem. “Inside my mind he never leaves me / He always saves me when words assail me.”

Words that grabbed the attention of judges, and won a grand prize.

These are the words of a young author by the name of Joseph Squires. Recently, it was announced that Squires, with his poem on heroes, won National University’s 19th Annual Young Writer’s Competition. He was just one of hundreds of writers in his age group, 9th-12th grade, to enter in the Central Valley. His received $200 and a certificate of commendation.

An 11th grade student at Madera Hight School, Squires is the oldest of nine siblings and step siblings. A fan of fantasy, he has been writing for most of his life, but it was only recently that he truly began to take off as a storyteller...


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