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The Great Animal Farm

A long time ago, in a forest far away, Cat was in charge of all the animals. Cat was a natural leader who was quick as a deer, wily as a fox, strong as a bear, and wise as an owl. But, Cat’s days were numbered, and he’d have to be replaced.

The word went out to all of the critters that two great meetings were to be held; one for mammals, one for non-mammals. The two gatherings were necessitated by the fact that there were conditions that separated mammals from other species.

For example, there was the “birther issue.” Mammals bear live offspring, while some non-mammals lay eggs. And there were life-style differences. Mammals tend to have hides or skins, walk on legs, and have internal skeletons, whereas some non-mammals have shells or feathers and may swim, fly, or slither along on their bellies. Special interests So, the forest was divided by the special interests that were important to each group. This division was ameliorated by the Logos, a set of rules that had been developed back when the forest was hardly more than a copse of saplings...

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