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Rodriguez and others support Farinelli

Along with a broad coalition of Latino business leaders and community activists I am announcing my support of Rick Farinelli for District 3 Supervisor.

Among those who stand with me in supporting Farinelli are Jess Lopez Jr., Joe Rios, Esther Rey, Minnie Aquirre and Louie Fimbrez.

Rick has the ability and desire to address the challenges facing our community. He has rolled up his sleeves to tackle some of the most controversial issues our community faces, including limited water resources, gang violence, and access to mental health.

As I enter my fourth term as District 4 supervisor, I want to tell you it has been a pleasure to work side-by-side with Farinelli for the past 3 1/2 years. Together we have supported development projects that will bring jobs to the county, including the North Fork Casino Project, a new Performing Arts Center, and a Sports Tourism Complex.

While he and I disagree on the California High Speed Rail project, we both recognize there are more than 1,500 jobs that will be created by the heavy maintenance facility and additional jobs provided by ancillary services.

Rick knows the importance of helping business thrive and creating well-paying jobs to expand and enhance our local economy. He has even engaged with our local school districts to develop job readiness programs with local businesses.

Max Rodriguez, Madera County supervisor, District 4

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