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It’s time to vote: here we go again

Well, here we go again. Whenever a seasoned politician is having trouble with his campaign, and is gasping for air, and becomes desperate, he will sometimes resort to lying. That seems to be the case with Supervisor Rick Farinelli, District 3.

I have his most recent flyer, and the feature on the front is full of bald-faced lies. Because of a photo he must have found in The Madera Tribune from 2014, he accuses Mayor Robert Poythress of causing Johnny Tacherra to lose the congressional race to Jim Costa.

In the photo are 11 people, including Costa. Included with Costa are Mayor Poythress, a supervisor, the president of the Madera Farm Bureau, the president of the Madera Irrigation District and an organic vegetable grower.

The purpose for the meeting was to discuss water problems with Costa. The rest of the people in the photo, I cannot place.

I also have to ask myself, did Mr. Farinelli get permission from The Madera Tribune to use that photo?

Jim Costa brought a sign of his that read, “One of us.” Farinelli stated in this flyer that Mayor Poythress joined other Democrats in claiming Jim Costa is “one of us.” That is an out-and-out lie. Mayor Poythress would not vote for nor endorse Costa under any circumstances.

Also, contrary to what Farinelli said about Tacherra, Mayor Poythress gave Tacherra his verbal endorsement at a fundraiser in 2014.

By the way, Farinelli’s mention of Obama and Pelosi in his flyer was only intended to pollute people’s minds.

Now, while we’re on the subject of photos, if you will go to Facebook under “Farinelli for Supervisor,” you will find a photo of Farinelli, Costa and another supervisor sitting at a table. Based on that photo, are we to assume that Farinelli is backing Costa? That photo appeared on Facebook two or three weeks ago.

I’m looking at the endorsements on this flyer for Rick Farinelli, and I basically see no one from Madera. In the county supervisor category, I see supervisors from San Joaquin, Tulare, Fresno, Amador, Tolumne and Glen counties. Wow! Not one from Madera.

In the councilmen category, only one is from Madera. The rest are from Fresno, and it is rumored that one of those councilmen did not give permission for his name to be used. I have to wonder how many more of these names may have been used without permission.

I could go on, because I haven’t even got to the back side of this flyer. But I think I’ll save that for later.

Vote for Robert “Rob” Poythress for supervisor, District 3.

Sam Pistoresi, Madera

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