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Error delays ballots for some

Vote-by-mail ballots due next week Some Madera County voters didn’t receive their vote-by-mail ballots until mid-week after the clerk-recorder’s office reissued them Tuesday. The envelopes holding their original ballots had allegedly been misaddressed by a printer, the office said.

“Voters will have ballots in their Post Office Boxes no later than tomorrow,” said Elections Division Manager Stephanie Sibley on Wednesday. “It is important that voters act immediately to vote their ballot and return it.”

The county’s longtime printing vendor had mistakenly addressed a number of ballot envelopes with voter home addresses rather than P.O. Box addresses, according to Sibley. Some voters contacted the office to obtain their missing ballot, and the office then reissued ballots to remaining impacted voters.

Voted ballots must be received or postmarked on or before Election Day, Tuesday, and received by Friday to be considered timely. Voters may return voted ballots to any polling place in the county Tuesday or deliver it to the clerk-recorder’s office, 200 W. 4th Street...

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