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New station generates hope for business

But rail worries farmers

Despite the optimism of Madera city and county officials, now that a new High-Speed Rail transfer station is being planned for Madera, worries about the rail’s potential adverse effects still loom.

The station, which was approved in the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s 2016 Business Plan, has been praised even by outspoken opponents and critics of the rail line, including Madera County Board of Supervisors Chairman Rick Farinelli and Madera Mayor Rob Poythress.

It is believed that the new station will have the potential to generate new business in Madera County, as well as a boost to property values.

“In an area where a station is going to be located, there’s definitely potential for commercial growth,” said Julie Herd, manager of business development and marketing for the Madera County Economic Development Commission. “I think all the property values in that area are going to increase.” ...

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