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50 years ago in the week of May 15, 1966

GATEWAY DRIVE IS CHOICE OF JUDGES — “Gateway Drive” won the $50 rename F Street contest in judging Monday afternoon. The prize will go to Mrs. William Coyle who was the first of six persons to suggest the name. The “Gateway theme” was so popular that a number of other contestants used it in variations such as Gate Way and Gateway Avenue. The winning name suggested to the judges the entrance to both the community and its business district and to recreational areas such as Yosemite National Park and Millerton Lake. The panel of judges that chose the name was composed of Jack Schmitz, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Madera Mayor Bud Stephenson, City Planning Commission member Robert Kahn, and businessmen Hal Schoettler and Martin Calaway.

GIRLS INVADE LAKE INSPECTION CHORES — For the first time, girls are working at Millerton Lake State Park. Two Madera girls, Adele Balbas and Mrs. Lester (Ceba) Soito have been working at the gates on a trial basis for the last two months. They work from 10 in the morning to 7 at night. Checking people through the gates is only part of their job. Besides regulated instruction, the girls inspect boats for safety gear and registration. “The girls have proven to be good workers so far,” commented Bill Reinhardt, park supervisor, “and depending on their success more girls might be hired.”

CITY WATER WELL 14 RAISES COUNCIL CONCERN — A city water well that some say was responsible for last summer’s dysentery epidemic will be connected to the city water system. On a 3-2 vote by the Madera City Council, Well No.14 will be connected to supplement this summer’s water needs. Councilmen John Wells and Bruno Lattanzio turned thumbs down on the issue. Lattanzio said, “If I voted yes, there’s a possibility of pumping sewer water purified by chlorine.” Wells opposed the measure on the same grounds. In an earlier motion, Lattanzio proposed stricter water conservation measures in lieu of opening Well No. 14. Councilmen Charles Marsh and Al Barsotti and Mayor D.R. Stephenson voted it down.

BRIGHTLY LIGHTED FLOATS WILL DAZZLE ROBERTSON BLVD. — The main street of Chowchilla will come alive Wednesday evening in a blaze of lights on floats for the annual night parade. Chowchilla’s community float will highlight the parade, which will feature several floats from other communities, all equipped with power plants and lights for night display. Greg Chidlaw, 1965 Tommy Hawk, will be the honorary grand marshal of the parade. The Chowchilla High School and elementary school bands have also been invited to participate in the event, which has been arranged by Will Hicks, vice chairman of the Spring Festival Committee...

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