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Get out there and vote

Once again it’s time to vote for who you want to represent you.

Be you a Republican or Democrat, if those who now hold an office are not representing you as you expected, it’s time to vote for someone else who will.

The offices that current politicians hold were not meant to be a permanent job. On Tuesday June 7th, make your vote count. This is a clear way of letting our government officials know that you are not pleased with their representation.

We are tired of the same old buddy system. We want our congressmen to get off their behinds and take care of some issues they have allowed our current president to do as he pleases, including trying to rewrite our constitutions to suit himself.

We are one nation under God, not blended as our current president suggested. We will fly the American flag 24-7. If it offends you, go back to where you came from.

— Chris Hayes

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