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Restrooms, transgender insanity and human chaos

By the Rev. Randy Brannon Much of the content of this article comes from a source that desires to remain anonymous in regard to a letter to the editor such as this. My thanks for their thoughtful and professional insights regarding this very important issue.

What has been for millennia a self-evident truth has become within a year or so unthinkable prejudice. Many people have quickly jumped into the moral crusade of ethical outrage, amazed that the state of North Carolina would refuse to allow grown men to use the ladies’ restrooms, contrary to what Target has approved, and of course contrary to what the US Department of Justice (Injustice) has decreed.

An employee of a Catholic university committed “cultural blasphemy” by stating that there are only two genders (a view entirely compatible with Catholicism). The university has suspended her and is currently investigating her for a “hate crime.”

It gets more manifestly insane. Students at Cardiff University in the UK are demanding the installation of women’s sanitary bins in male toilets “for men who menstruate.” The inevitable demand for urinals in women’s restrooms will surely follow. This is logical lunacy. Human sexuality is defined by an objective biological binary (separation into two) trait-either “XY” or “XX” chromosomes. But by using the term “gender” to mean not one’s biological sex but one’s SENSE of being male or female, moral outrage and lunacy can find full expression. Laws that can put you in jail are no longer based on objective biology but on subjective, changeable feelings in our politically correct charged world filled with judges who are biased.

This “faith” in feelings, which disregards biological objectivity (truth), is both mental insanity and spiritual rebellion. We do need some serious bathroom theology!

We are witnessing the reappearance of an old heresy, Gnosticism. The Gnostics rejected the flesh and embraced the spirit. For them, the physical, created world was an evil thing. They believed the spirit revealed the true “god within,” as do many today, in search of their “higher selves.” The ancient Gnostics also rejected creational sexuality and sought the higher form of “androgyny,” defined as the experience of being both male and female — which is the same rejection of the male/female distinctive separateness that we observe today.

Hindu (Eastern mysticism) thinking eliminates distinction between the Creator and the creature. We now observe a growing worldview by which people, especially young people, are taught to reject differences and distinctions in all areas of life. And if you reject this form of thinking, you are declared a bigot, even when such thinking defies all true moral logic.

Recently a deliberately set-up video showed U.S. college students so brainwashed that they refused to counter the outlandish claims of a 5’9” white man to be a 6’4” Asian woman! Their insane response was: “How can I judge what is true for you?”

Clearly, the rejection of any objective distinction of the two sexes is not limited to sexuality. It is also entrenched in our education. One of the key strategies to unsettle and trouble the normal and legitimate ways of [children’s] thinking is to blur all kinds of boundaries: the clean categorical identity boundaries that clearly exist, including the separation of the sexes. This is nothing short of mind manipulation, commonly known as brainwashing which served the Nazis well.

The seeds of Eastern mysticism sown in the West a generation ago are bearing copious fruit. The legendary Buddhist spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, influential among UN leaders, declared: “We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967.; This action forecasted the future attack on truth and reality that we are experiencing today. Separateness is not an illusion, in two senses. In a positive sense, we are separate (distinct) from the Creator as his creatures, made in his image, males different from females. In a negative sense, we are separated from God by our sin. In the cross of his Son, Jesus, we can know forgiveness and personal reconciliation with the Creator and, through this, rediscover the sanity of the objective distinctions God placed in the creation for our good and His glory.


Randy Brannon is pastor of Grace Community Church in Madera.


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