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Meaningless meanie and moms

Now, if you are one of the “Po Folks” (cool song by Country singer Bill Anderson) you don’t dare die or get hitched in North Korea for the next week or so. The little fat boy, and so far still the leader, Kim Jong Un, has outlawed funerals and weddings prior to and during the party’s major congress (it’s party time, as in Communist Party) in Pyongyang starting Friday. I presume it means morticians and priests might be a little short on income for the month.

+ + +

This grateful former student and his gal traveled to Merced earlier this week to have a most enjoyable lunch with Janette Lansing, my third-grade teacher at Washington School. Janette is residing at Pacifica Senior Living, and despite some breathing issues, still has her wonderful smile and laugh. After all these years, for this admirer, she is still a jewel. To compare, I would say a lovely sapphire or better yet, just for her, and just like her, a beautiful and sparkling “ruby.”

+ + +

Howzabout our moms and their big day tomorrow. Over the years this grateful scribe has written about all three of his mothers, Goldena, Gail and Gloria and my mother-in-law, Grace (Do you see a pattern here?) so this time around, here’s to all you moms out there and your dedication and love given to your offspring. You are definitely special and not just tomorrow.

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Mommy musings: If you lived in England and your mother was a small person, would she be called a minimum? Famous mothers probably had their hands full, too, just like mine...

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