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Community college center expands its summer course offerings

This summer, Madera Community College Center will increase the number of short-term course offerings 50 percent compared to last year. These summer courses help students accelerate their education and jumpstart their entry into their chosen career path. Enrollment is currently open for all students and the first series of classes will begin the week of May 23.

With limited capacity to expand courses during the traditional fall and spring semesters, the summer semester is an opportunity to provide the courses that students need. Many students enjoy the short-term class schedule that allows them to complete a course quickly and still take some time off before resuming their studies again in the fall.

“The increase in summer school offerings will help both new and returning students earn a certificate, degree or transfer more quickly and it’s affordable at $46 a unit,” said John Fitzer, vice president of the Madera and Oakhurst community college centers.

Short-term courses are also a convenient option for students considering career and technical training or students returning back home for the summer from another college outside the Madera area. All of the courses being offered meet general education requirements, apply towards a certificate or an associate’s degree, and are transferable to four-year colleges and universities...


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