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Letter: Offended

August 31, 2019

The word of the times: Offended. 


Well I am offended by the Liberals, especially the California variety. The California Attorney General, Mr. Becerra, and Gov. Alfred E. Newman, supporting the children of illegal immigrants, said “They are all children of God.” 


This is true, but what offends me is how the Liberals use God at their convenience. They will use it now, to apply the guilt, but not in our schools, sport events or other public events. Oh no, that would be an outrage.


The aborted children at Planned Parenthood (according to them) are not children of God, they are just tissue. 


God is not a light switch. 


Liberals keep the switch off and just flick it on for a photo session or a news item. 


If you are a liberal, and a Christian, you need to really think about things. 


— Bill Hoffrage,



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