Readers moved by Halloween story

November 6, 2017

Wendy Alexander/Madera Tribune  File Photo

Coleen Spraggins puts some finishing touches on her Halloween home on at 26458 Fonda Avenue before the arrival of the holiday this year.

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings.


Halloween memorial

Readers were moved by a Tribune article about the Spraggins family’s annual Halloween display in honor of a member who died in 2000.


  • “Steve Torres” wrote, “I came across this story and I don’t know you personally of course, but I am so sorry for your loss, Coleen Spraggins. Many parents who go through this suffer in silence and many people in general are not comfortable talking about death, and many people just don’t know what to say, but you share it openly and you invite the public to join in celebrating the specialness of your daughter. What a great way to show that, even in the face of such sadness and loss, you found a way to keep that bond between you and your child to last eternally, cause even death can never break a bond between you and your child or between any loved ones.”

  • “Coleen Hibbard Spraggins” wrote, “Thank you that means a lot.”

  • “Dania Garcia” wrote, “I don’t personally know you, but sorry for your loss.”

Homeless worries

Readers continued to express concern about homeless people in the city and county of Madera.


  • “Mona Villalobos- Gutierrez” wrote, “With Fresno’s ‘No Camping’ ban, we are getting more and more homeless migrating here to Madera. We need a similar ban here.”

  • “Samantha Shane” wrote, “How about an actual real drug rehab facility and better mental health programs. These people are homeless because a lot of them are sick and need help mentally. I’ve experienced ... the Madera mental health system. Let’s work on improving that now because it’s a mess.”


Mosaic hopes

Readers were excited to see photographs of the new mosaic being crafted for St. Joachim Church, which lost its artistic facade to a heavy windstorm in 2016.


  • “Aminta Melendez” wrote, “Beautiful. Thank you.”

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “So excited to see it up again. Thank you, God.”

  • “Cindy Clair” wrote, “Wonderful news!”


Rants and raves


  • Rant — “Nick Garcia” shared a photograph of a neighbor’s home lot on Mateo Way off Road 26 that abounds in public storage of miscellaneous unused items (aka junk). “Nancy Garcia Cabrera” wrote, “The Madera Tribune, is there anything code enforcement can do about this? We have contacted people by email and received no response. This is getting out of hand. They are now taking over half the street to park. Because they have no room on their driveway or lawn to park.”

  • Rant — A reader had an unpleasant experience with an ambulance call. “Jason Smith” wrote, “Not sure who the bus driver and medic were today when they picked up my dad, but their bedside manner sucked and the way they treated my mom at the scene was awful!”

  • Rant — A photograph of what appeared to be a dumpster fire behind Fallas Paredes clothing store Oct. 17 prompted “Tami Gaither Law” to write, “Businesses should be responsible for keeping the front and back areas clean. Living near four schools on Stadium (Road), I was sick and tired of cleaning up after (the) last people who waited for their kids. … Clean up after yourselves and your kids. I had diapers in the bushes, strangers on my front porch, people peeing in the bushes. ... People talk about supporting immigrants when they get here. Have a program of do’s and don’ts so they know what’s right and wrong here. ... If you want to help a culture, help educate them when they get here.”

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