Bond Measure C raises hopes

May 26, 2016

Beyond the presidential primary, a measure on the ballot for June 7 has raised hopes for the Madera Community College Center to become more than a satellite of Reedley College.

If passed, bond Measure C would raise $485 million for capital improvements across the four counties of the State Center Community College District, including $40 million for Madera’s center and $25 million for the Oakhurst Community College Center.

Property owners would pay off the bonds through a bump in property taxes amounting to an extra $18.50 annually or less per $100,000 of assessed property value.

“It’s very simple,” said Ron Manfredi, Madera County co-chair for the bond campaign. “The only way that we can build new buildings for our local community college — Madera campus, Oakhurst, Fresno City, etc. — is to assess ourselves a small tax. (But) if the state decides to try a bond issue, then we can build those buildings faster. Because they’ll give us priority on the money we raise – matched with the money that they raise.” ...


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