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Virginia’s Miracle; Part 2

The day was sunny, and Virginia was driving home. The skies were painted a beautiful blue. Her heart was light; she was buoyed with hope. Her rebellious son had returned. Perhaps the worst was over.

She pulled into the driveway and saw her husband’s car and another vehicle she didn’t recognize. Wondering if something was wrong, her heart began to race as she walked inside. Sitting there in the living room was Ed, her husband, and two other men, both of whom wore suits and looked very professional. Virginia’s motherly instinct told her something was not right.

Ed introduced the men as detectives! Virginia felt weak and fearful. Her son, Eddie, had been arrested for possession of a firearm at school that day. The full story quickly flooded the room. Eddie had been hanging around with some boys who were strangers to his parents. He and these boys had teamed up to rob some homes in the area. The boys would do the actual breaking and entering while Eddie stood watch outside. When the heist was complete, Eddie would take some of the stolen goods, including a handgun, and hide them in his closet.

Soon after, one of the boys found someone to buy the gun and told Eddie to bring it to school. Eddie complied. He put the weapon in a brown paper bag and took it to school. He put the bag under his seat and unbeknownst to him, the gun partially slipped out of the bag and the teacher saw it.

Virginia and Ed went to court with Eddie, and he was given probation and ordered never again set foot on any property owned by the county schools.

From the gun incident, things got even worse. Once when Virginia and Ed were away from home, Eddie took their van and had his younger sister drive him to purchase some drugs. Apparently the place was being watched. Eddie made his purchase and told his sister to drive away. Police turned their lights and sirens on and pulled the van over. Eddie stuffed the drugs in the A/C vent.

About that time, Eddie got married to a young woman who had a son. Unfortunately, his marriage did nothing to reform him, and one day his wife came to Virginia and Ed in tears. She had found some letters proving that Eddie was being unfaithful. Somehow the couple worked things out, and moved out of state.

At this point, Eddie began a severe downward spiral into alcohol and drugs, including cocaine. His wife could no longer be a part of Eddie’s choices. She had a young son who had already been exposed to too much darkness. She made the decision to move back in with her parents and divorce Eddie.

Now Eddie was alone, drinking himself into total oblivion, using a variety of of drugs, and struggling to survive. Existing on bologna sandwiches, he was lost in every way possible. He had hit the bottom.

Shortly thereafter, Virginia’s phone rang, and a distraught voice asked, “Can I come to your home and live?”

It was Eddie, and he was more desperate than his parents had ever heard him. They welcomed him back into their lives and gave him the opportunity to help them start a cabin rental business. He arrived and worked hard helping his dad and a cousin build cabins in the mountains.

It turned into a spiritual oasis.

Although he was an adult, once again there were rules to be enforced. There would be no drugs and no drunkenness, but there would be strong encouragement to attend church. Eddie went along with it. God was about to lift him out of the miry clay.

Virginia and Ed’s church had scheduled a week long revival. The guest evangelist was a man who preached in a wheelchair. Something drew Eddie to the preacher. He began to talk and spend time with him. Then, one night after the evening revival service, Eddie stayed at the church. It was late when he returned home, but when he did, he was a completely different man!

A mother’s prayer had been answered. Eddie had experienced a real encounter with Jesus of Nazareth. God had performed a miracle for Virginia and Eddie. He had turned his life over to Yahshua.

The first thing Eddie did was call his wife, asking to see her. There was a reconciliation, and they moved in with Virginia and Ed, living in their basement. God then began to pour out His blessings on this prodigal son and his family. Eddie enrolled in a Bible College, and when he graduated, he enrolled in a seminary from which he graduated with top honors.

To date, Eddie has earned degrees in biblical and theological studies, philosophy, missions and evangelism. He has done mission work on five continents and a dozen countries. For 20 years, he pastored in two different churches. Because of his background, Eddie has been able to counsel people on a very intimate level. His ministry now involves working with a seminary as it seeks to educate young people for the ministry.

So, God had never lost track of Eddie and always heard his mother’s prayers. From a curious toddler to a rebellious teen to a very mixed up, confused young man, Eddie walked a journey that not many will have to walk, but he didn’t walk alone. There was a call on his life from the moment he was formed in Virginia’s womb.

God had a plan, not to harm Eddie, but to bless him. As we stated above, Virginia fell on her face before God and cried out for mercy for her son, God’s child. He heard her voice and answered her with a miracle.



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