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Tributes to Chuck Doud continue

Madera Tribune File Photo

Madera Tribune Publisher Chuck Doud reads over a copy of the newspaper with Tribbie, the newshound.


Arnoldo Rodriguez, Madera City Manager

Chuck was an enormous asset to the community of Madera. Despite the challenges of operating a small-town newspaper in the modern world, it was his love for journalism and dedication to maintaining an informed citizenry that drove him to adapt and persevere. He truly was a local gem who understood the tremendous responsibility and value of the press. He will be missed.

Rossana Cosio

My father loves being a part of The Madera Tribune. As a former printer, he understood that the paper couldn’t hold his position, and he humbled himself to still stay on whatever the Tribune had to offer, and he thanks this man, Chuck Doud.

My father is deeply saddened. You gave him the opportunity to print again after getting laid off from “regency” and now part of The Madera Tribune. He is proud of the legacy you left imprinted in paper and on him.

Christine Powell

To best honor Chuck, you first have to acknowledge a light has gone out. He truly had that impact on the world around him. He and his wife, Annette, showed such generosity and kindness always.

Teresa Brown

Oh my goodness. I used to work there for 15 years and that was my boss. He was eccentric and funny. He introduced me to a lot of amazing people. I heard his wife passed away a couple years a ago. My condolences to Doud family, they lost someone special.

Mary Ash

I am so sorry to read this as Chuck was a wonderful Christian and the best editor I ever had. He’s now with his wife Annette and with our Lord. Amen.

Kathie Skov Rossi

I am so sad to hear this news earlier today. Chuck was my friend and neighbor for many years. I always enjoyed our talks and visits. R.I.P. my old friend.

Elizabeth La Rochelle

Chuck was a wonderful person. He gave me the encouragement to become a photojournalist/reporter. When I had to drop out of college and hang up my camera and reporter equipment to care for my terminally ill mother, he told me not to give up the dream. Life had other plans for me, but Chuck was the one who made it possible for me to live my dream for a short time. The world is a darker place without him. My condolences go out to his wife, family, and to everyone at the paper.

Cal Tatum, former Madera Tribune reporter

Hello Madera, it has been a long time since I wrote this column. My days of looking for bars have come to an end. Many years have passed since I left Madera County and found myself a home in the state of Wyoming.

Time moves on and everything continues to change, sometimes for the better, sometimes, not so much.

When I was contacted by my former colleagues about the passing of Chuck Doud, my one-time publisher, friend, and mentor, I decided to dust off the keyboard and take a moment to honor this amazing man.

Chuck was a patient man who tolerated many of my nutty ideas. This column was one of those ideas. I told him a man I used to know back in the 1980s had made a mistake at work that cost the company a lot of time and money. The superintendent called him on the carpet. While the boss continued to yell, my coworker sat there calmly. This really irritated the boss who finally had to say, “Do you realize this could cost you your job!”

“Yeah, I know,” said my coworker. “But that’s okay, I was looking for bar when I found this job.”

I told Chuck I thought that was a great attitude and I wanted to write a column promoting that concept with an attempt at humor.

“Well, you can give it a try,” Chuck said.

I knew he would watch it closely to ensure I did not write anything that could harm the paper, or the community. When I decided to move to Wyoming, Chuck, in his infinite wisdom, handed over the column writing chore to Tami Jo Nix. She has provided the residents of Madera the excellent column, “Gravy by The Slice.”

My new job would be as the managing editor of a paper in Wyoming. Thankfully, Chuck took me aside, sat me down, and proceeded to instruct me about how to get the community to accept me, how to approach certain types of articles, how to deal with my reporters, and so much more. His advice proved to be a great resource. On my part, unlike the past, I followed his advice.

Yes, I are smart.

My columns typically referred to Chuck as the, “Great and powerful Doud.” To me, he lived up to those words.

I could listen to him for hours.

The City of Madera has lost a good friend, a man who loved his work, his community, his employees, his wife, and life in general.

So, I will raise my glass of apple juice and toast my mentor … the Great and Powerful Doud.

I miss you, my friend.


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