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Train for war — what about training to come home?

Veterans’ Voices is directed toward veterans and their families who have given so much to ensure our freedom in this country. This is an area where you may share your experiences, or read of other veterans’ experiences. We thank you for your service, and hope that you know how much you are loved and appreciated.


I was contacted earlier this week from a veteran that just returned home from Afghanistan. I am not really sure where he got my information, but it really didn’t make a difference how or where he got it. However, he was in a bad place.

He returned home a few months ago and was having problems at home, readjusting to civilian life. He was consuming alcohol all the time. His family abandoned him. He couldn’t keep a job due to his temper outbursts. He did not have a place to go or did not know what to do or the next step to take.

At first, I thought he needed help with a disability claim where he could get employment. After about 30 minutes on the phone with him, I figured out that he did not need help with that. I was thinking the worst. He just wanted someone to talk to and someone that wouldn’t judge him. I am not a psychologist by a long shot or claim to be one. So we talked about his family, cars, vacations and the weather.


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